Social Media ROI

Hey All,

Happy Spring! The sun has appeared and it FINALLY feels like summer here in Halifax! I am still alive and yes admit that I have not kept my end of the bargain and have not given you one blog post per week (MY BAD). I’m heading to a blogging workshop this afternoon and I hope to get lots of tips and advice on how to make this work for the future (Maybe a kick in my behind would work).

Networking- Do you love it or hate it?

Happy Monday!

I previously included a speech that I did at Toastmasters, here is another speech that I feel is a big part of small businesses.

When you hear the word “networking” do you cringe or do you get excited for the opportunity? When speaking to someone about networking it seems like there is 2 common responses 1) Sure, I love attending networking events and meeting new people or 2) No way I HATE having to make small talk and approach people I don’t know.

Hashtags- yay or nay?


It’s me again! I’ve been MIA for 2 weeks now and I hope you haven’t forgotten about me. Writing a blog post has been on my agenda for 2 weeks now and simply hasn’t happened. Not that I haven’t thought about it but I realized that I might have bit more than I could chew when it came to 2016 goals. I have been doing extremely well for clean eating, exercising, wedding planning and creating more of a work/life balance for myself but the blog as well as reading a motivational book per month hasn’t gone exactly as planned.