Hashtags- yay or nay?


It’s me again! I’ve been MIA for 2 weeks now and I hope you haven’t forgotten about me. Writing a blog post has been on my agenda for 2 weeks now and simply hasn’t happened. Not that I haven’t thought about it but I realized that I might have bit more than I could chew when it came to 2016 goals. I have been doing extremely well for clean eating, exercising, wedding planning and creating more of a work/life balance for myself but the blog as well as reading a motivational book per month hasn’t gone exactly as planned. I have been reading but have chosen to read blogs and my girlie books as oppose to my motivational/business books. I have 4 ready to go but for some reason can’t seem to pick them up. Anyone else have this problem?

Back to the real reason for this blog post! I am often asked, “What is a Hashtag?” and how and why should I be using them?

In a nutshell a hashtag is a label for content (almost like a search button). It helps others who are interested in a certain topic, quickly find content on that same topic. Examples of hashtags could be:  #Halifax, #SmallBizQuote, #ILoveLocal.

Hashtags are used mostly on social media sites.  They started on Twitter but now you can use hashtags on other social platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Anyone sharing content on a relevant topic can add the hashtag to his or her message.  Others searching for that topic, can search for that label to find other messages on that same social media platform.

Here are the general rules for creating hashtags:

Hashtags are simple things.  There are just a few technical requirements to know:

No Spaces Allowed

A hashtag can be a single word, an abbreviation, an invented combination of letters and numbers, or a phrase.  If it is a phrase, there can be no spaces between words.  All letters and numbers must run together without spaces in a hashtag.  You can’t have punctuation or symbols in your hashtag (other than the # symbol at the beginning).  Numbers are OK, but you must also have at least one letter with the numbers — hashtags cannot consist entirely of numbers.

Start With the # Symbol

A hashtag always starts with the symbol # followed directly by letters and sometimes numbers.

Hashtags are also a great way to find new people to follow. I often check the hashtag #Halifax as it’s used on a frequent basis and start following new people that are using that specific hashtag. Restaurants, retail stores or even visitors use it. I love finding other folks who love Halifax as much as I do!

One of my fellow Go To The Well folks, Elisabeth Galina wrote a great post about hashtags today and I invite you to have a read especially if you are a small business.

If you have any questions about hashtags please feel free to reach out!

Have a great week,



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