Future Workshops Topics


Hello from Blizzard land aka Halifax Nova Scotia,

When I decided to do a blog post a week I honestly didn’t think it would be this hard. I’m going to be honest here and let you know that I started this post on Monday, yes 5 days ago! I’ve known the topic of this post since last week and somehow haven’t been able to put it together. Every day this week I wrote down in my planner 1) Do personal blog post and here we are Friday night, storm stayed and I’m FINALLY finishing this post. For all you regular bloggers does it get easier? I’m looking at you Renee  http://rhdowns.com! I think this blog is going to end up being my personal struggles with blogging and time management! Hope you’re all ok with this and stick around while I figure this out.

Enough rambling back to the actual purpose and topic of this blog post: workshops! As I previously mentioned one of my goals for 2016 is to do at least one workshop per month. I feel social media has become such a big part of today’s society that I want to educate people and teach them how social media can help them in business and every day life. I did my first 2 workshops of the year and got great feedback from the participants. Side note: Thanks to everyone who joined me!  The big question I got from these workshops was: What else can you teach me and what other workshops are you offering? I don’t have any scheduled but I’m always open if the demand is there. I only have a few workshops done but if the topic involves social media I’m sure I can teach you something and make it worth your time and money J

The workshops that I have in mind are:

  • Social Media 101 (Basic overview of all social media feeds)
  • How to get started on Twitter
  • How to get more followers on Social Media
  • How to build your content calendar
  • Instagram 101
  • How to use LinkedIn professionally
  • How to Network like a pro
  • How to pre-schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter
  • Buffer 101

When I posted my How to build your Content Calendar I had someone message me with the comment “ You need to teach this workshop at my house” my reply was “ Sure get a few friends together and I will 100% come teach this at your house!” so I’m putting it out there any of these workshops could be taught at someone’s house as long as they have the capability to connect my laptop to the TV (I have all the cords required for my mac). People have Epicure, Arbonne, and Jewellery parties so why not have a social media party! You can even wear your sweatpants and have wine! I’m putting it out there if this sounds like a great idea to you, mention it to a few friends and let’s figure out the details!

On that note I’m going out for shovelling round #2, the first one was easy let’s hope this one is too.

Have a great weekend everyone and next week’s post will be about my experience at the Iris Booth!

Until next time,


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