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Hey All,

Happy Spring! The sun has appeared and it FINALLY feels like summer here in Halifax! I am still alive and yes admit that I have not kept my end of the bargain and have not given you one blog post per week (MY BAD).

Networking- Do you love it or hate it?

Happy Monday!

I previously included a speech that I did at Toastmasters, here is another speech that I feel is a big part of small businesses.

Iris Booth

Happy Monday!

Are you one of these folks?

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If so you officially have NO MORE excuses!

What motivational books are you reading?

It’s 2016! It’s Saturday and I promised you a blog post a week.. I can’t really fail my first week right???

2016 Goals- What are yours?


As I look back at 2015 I had a great year! As most people there was some ups and downs but for me the downs encourage and motivate me to improve and make changes for the new year.

Meet Kerra Aucoin

Growing up in a small Acadian community in northern Cape Breton, I have always been a very social person. I was an active community member — from volunteering to waitressing at the local hot spot,