Are you getting excited for #OpenCity?








Are you planning to attend #OpenCity tomorrow? If not you really should! If you have never experienced one of the amazing events put on by the I love local group you are truly missing out! Whether you plan to hit up 1 or the 150 spots taking part in Open City you will not be disappointed! It’s a great day filled with delicious food, local wine & spirits, great shopping, local love and all around good times. It’s a perfect excuse to get together with friends, walk the streets of #Halifax and #Dartmouth and enjoy the amazing local restaurants, markets, shops and entertainment that this city has.

I have posted a few of my pictures of #CityHarvest in the fall to give you a little taste of what tomorrow could hold!

For more details on the event or for the list of participants check out

I will be live tweeting my day from @KASocialMedia if you are interested! Otherwise I will do a blog post this weekend or early next week.

Happy #OpenCity eve!



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